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(001) Introduction
(003) Dictory of Pathology

(100) Anatomic Pathology
(101) Tissue Submission Policy
(102) Procedure for Outside Frozen Sections
(103) Tissue for Pathology Examination
(104) Autopsy Service
(105) Autopsy Protocol

(200) Medical Center Laboratory
(201) Reference Laboratories Used by JMCGH Laboratory

(300) Clinical Laboratory
(301) Laboratory Specimen Labeling and Rejection Policy
(303) Laboratory Reporting Policy
(304) Early Morning Collection and Reporting Schedules
(305) Critical Laboratory Value Reporting
(306) Critical Values - Commonly Ordered Tests
(308) Tests Performed by Non-Laboratory Personnel at JMCGH
(309) Waived Testing
(310) Point of Care Testing Policy
(311) Request to Introduce or Revise Lab Procedure
(312) Add On Orders

(400) Blood Specimens Drawn by Non-Laboratory Personnel
(401) Order of Draw for Multiple Blood Sampling
(402) Collection for Coagulation Test
(403) Protocol for Venipuncture After T.P.A. (Activase) Therapy
(404) Protocol for Labeling & Transporting Blood Specimens
(405) Minimum collection Blood Volumes
(406) Venipuncture Procedure
(407) Arterial Puncture Procedure
(408) Micro Collections

(500) Collection of Specimens for Cytologic Examination

(600) Microbiology Specimen Collection & Transport
(601) Blood Culture Collection
(602) Collection of Cerebrospinal Fluid & Other Sterile Body Fluids for Culture
(603) Collection & Transport of Genital Specimens for Culture
(604) Collection & Transport of Respiratory Specimens for Culture
(605) Collection & Transport of Urine for Culture
(606) Collection & Transport of Ocular Specimens for Culture
(607) Collection & Transport of Tissue and Skin Specimens for Culture
(608) Gastrointestinal Specimens for Culture & Parasitology Examination
(609) Collection Guideline for Laboratory Diagnosis of Common Viral Infections
(610) Microbiology Reports & Average Turnaround Times
(611) Specimen Collection for Culture of Bacterial Pathogens (Quick Reference)
(612) Collection Guideline for Laboratory Diagnosis of Common Viral Infections Using the Molecular Respiratory Viral Panel

(650) Molecular Diagnostics

(700) Blood Bank
(701) Blood Bank Test Schedule (From Receipt of Sample in Blood Bank)
(702) Transfusion Guidelines
(703) Medical Alternatives to Blood Transfusion (With Special Consideration for Jehovah's Witnesses Patients)

(800) Hematology and Coagulation Analytic Protocols
(801) Chemistry Analytic Protocol (Laboratory Test Panels)
(802) Romi Panel
(803) Drug Screen
(804) Therapeutic Drug Levels
(805) Blood Collection for Aminoglycosides & Vancomycin Levels (Trough/Peak and Random Ordering Procedure)
(806) Delays in Aminoglycoside & Vancomycin Collections
(807) Quantitative Bedside Glucose Analysis
(808) Glucose Tolerance Test
(810) Creatinine Clearance Test
(811) Procedure for Timed Urine Collections
(812) TRH (TSH) Stimulation
(813) Cortisol Studies
(814) Immunology Analytic Protocols
(815) Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)

(900) Laboratory Test Schedule

Physician's Lab Handbook - HOME